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67 GT-350 - 302 Cleveland, 4 Weber IDA 48s, GT40x, T5z .83-5th, 3.90, xe270hr112 - [email protected] ... finnaly somone whith there dyno results for a 351W. i have the cams. and the headers. now im just waiting to get new carb and intake manifold. and i. Stepping up to the larger Boss 351 resulted in peak numbers of 383 hp at a slightly lower 6,200 rpm and 391 lb/ft of torque at 4,000 rpm. As a testament to the Boss 302's high-rpm nature, the peak. > 335 Series- 5.8/351M, 6.6/400, 351 Cleveland > 351C 2V dyno results. Login with Google Login with Facebook. Username. Password. ... 351C 2V dyno results . Reply Like #4 01-26-2002, 06:14 AM xyfalcon500. Senior User. Join Date: Jan 2002. Posts: 229 Likes: 0 Received 0 Likes on 0 Posts. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. ... Save. Saved by . Uploaded by user. Ford 351. 351c on dyno. Keith Williams. 183 followers . Ford 351. Hot Wheels. Cleveland. Hot Rods. Engineering. Cars. Pictures. Projects ... 500 hp 351 Cleveland rear, 600 hp 393 front ,f100. Zane Wren. Ford. . The 390 was dropped and the 351-2V Cleveland and 351-4V Cleveland replaced the 351 Windsor models of previous years Richard Holdener Apr 29, 2010 4th gear run Dart SHP Block, Eagle Forged Crank, Eagle H Beam Rods, Diamond Pistons, Custom Hydraulic Roller Cam, CHI Intake, CHI Heads, Lunati Roller Rockers, Dyno Tested Calvin Jones 12 BOSS 302. Headed for the dyno this Friday with my 351C and looking for predictions. A couple of you guys were pretty close on predicting my 440 Mopar so I figured I'd throw this one up here for some fun. Here are the spec's: 351C .030 12:1 TRW dome forged slugs Actual measured CR is 10.45:1 US open chamber 2v heads ported (255 cfm int / 213 cfm exh flow) Full roller valvetrain. Find FORD 5.8L/351 Ford Cleveland Camshafts and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Summit Racing SpeedCard - Open a World of Possibilities - Apply Today! ... Get Results; Camshaft Use. Street/Strip (72) Drag race (12) Street (2) Off-road 4WD/Towing (1) Racing (1) Street/Towing (1) Towing (1) Get Results;. Re: 1972 351 Cleveland pushrods? LivermoreDave May 10th 2012, 11:43 pm. If you have pushrods in you 335 Series Ford engine that are noticeably different in length, something has been changed or something is wrong! Dave. LivermoreDave. Posts : 972. Join date : 2009-09-27. The horsepower produced by the engine ranges from 130 hp to 230 horsepower Results 1 - 25 of 107 Crate Engine, Dressed, Long Block, 383 Stroker, 436 HP, 443 TQ, New Block, Aluminum Heads, 750 cfm Carburetor, Chevy, Small Block, Each. 22551660. ... our 305 was up 127 hp and 55 lb-ft from the original dyno baseline, and 180 hp and 77 lb-ft over. The carb is a barry grant special (race demon). The dyno showed the air fuel mix at 12.5 to 12.0 from start rpms to 6000rpms. So i know that running lean or rich is not the problem. The advance gave the motor more torque and ponies until. With no fewer than 4 entries using our 3V 225cc Cleveland Cylinder Heads and manifolds we blitzed the field of 40 entrants. Of the 6 finalists we had the winning engine of Jon Kaase and the no 5 placed engine of Scott Main and Bob Moore from MPG Heads both utilizing our 3V Cylinder Heads. ... 351 Ford Clev-Exhaust: Dyno Pm 1344>1: Capacity: 358. 11,030 Posts. #13 · Jan 20, 2007. I think a 351C is as good a candidate for a twin turbo as any other engine. The thing about using a Cleveland is that it will cost you dearly compared to using a 351W or a 5.0 to begin with. There are off the shelf kits to turbo a 5.0 that will save huge amounts of time and money. Cleveland engine characteristics I have flow results for bone stock 4V close chambered heads, going from memory, I know they were max'd at 260 on the intake and 165 on the exhaust 4V cylinder heads, with the # 4 cast on the corner By preserving many of the dimensions and features from the original 289-351 blocks, the BOSS blocks are compatible. The 4V Funnelweb was tested against the 4V Holley Strip Dominator, on a 12:1 4V headed 351-C powerplant. Both engines used the same cam, a Crane F246 mechanical flat-tappet camshaft (246/256 duration @ 0.50" - 0.570"/0.590" lift - 108 LSA) The engines power band is from 3800 to 6500 rpm, so the dyno pulls were made through that range. Test 1.

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